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International Travel

Before you set out on an international trip, be sure to investigate the visa requirements of the host country. Do not assume you can take care of these things as you travel. Write to the Consumer Information Center, Dept. 371B, Pueblo, CO 81009 to request Foreign Entry Requirements, a State Department document that outlines visa and entry requirements for every country and includes foreign embassy phone numbers. Enclose 50 cents with your request to covercopying.

Traveling With Children

Keep a color picture of your child's face in your purse or wallet in case he or she gets lost in a crowded airport or shopping area.

The air in a fully-pressurized airliner is about the same as the atmosphere at 8,000 feet. That's why your ears pop when you fly. Kids may not know how to equalize the pressure in their ears. Yawning, swallowing and chewing gum can help avoid potentially severe pain. Blocking the nostrils and blowing very gently can also help. If your baby starts crying shortly after take off, this may be the problem. A teething ring or pacifier might help. Avoid air travel with very young children who have head colds.

Different airlines have slightly varying regulations about children flying alone but the following apply almost universally:

  • Children must be at least five years old to fly alone.
  • The airline must be informed at the time reservations are made that there will be a child flying alone.
  • An "unaccompanied minor" form must be completed at check in.
  • The airline will insure that the child is watched over by adults, even if there are plane changes.
  • The party picking up the child must have identification verifying that he or she is the pick-up person listed with the airline.
  • Children flying alone pay full adult fares.

Misc. Travel Tips

Black leather sneakers do double duty. They're comfy for walking, and, if you and the maitre d' aren't too fussy, you can fake it when you need to be more formal. (This trick is easier for men than for women, but black sneakers may blend in with a pants suit.)

Dress in layers. The combination of a windbreaker over a sweater over a shirt or blouse over a T-shirt offers you many more options than one light layer and one heavy coat.

Remember your electrolytes. Especially in warm climates, make sure you're also getting enough salt and potassium whether in a vitamin/mineral capsule or by bringing along packets of powdered sports drink.

If you travel in places where violent theft is a possibility, carry two wallets: one for you, and one for them.

Take along a few zip-closure bags in several sizes. They're bound to come in handy for holding loose stuff that you accumulate, or wet items that haven't had a chance to dry before packing.

Even if you have no talent or inclination for languages, learn the words for "please" and "thanks" wherever you go-and smile when you say them. People do their best to help when they see you're courteous.

Pack a bathing suit even if swimming isn't on the itinerary. Often you'll find that your hotel or condo has a pool.

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